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"Hi, can you please make a guide for incoming college freshmen? I would really appreciate it! <3"

Reign: Your first day might be really awkward and filled with anxiety, but that's okay; it's just like any other first day. Just know where your classes are at and know your way inside the campus. Don't be afraid to ask questions and whatnot, too. It's always important to be informed. College is actually not that bad, it's sort of like high school but with a different work load. Also, you might find yourself being alone sometimes and that's actually normal, so don't worry if you haven't found any friends yet (and in some cases, it's better to be alone). With studies, I'd say do your best; even if it's just homework. You'll definitely be pushed to a certain limit but your hard work will always pay off in the end. Just be yourself and study hard!

Marian: The most important thing you have to remember once you start your freshman year is that your health should be on top of your priority list. College will be exhausting and there will be a lot of activities and tasks but no matter how hard you work you will not be able to perform to the best of your abilities if you do not rest every once in a while. Sure, you may have a lot of sleepless nights, but make sure to take a break every few hours so that you won't exhaust your body too much. Another thing that you should remember is that you have to read your assigned reading materials. You have to make sure that you're always prepared when you go to class and that you pass everything on time. It is also important to interact with the people around you. This is the perfect time to widen your network and to create new friends and memories; try to make the most of out it! Lastly, college is a whole new adventure and even if it seems overwhelming, don't forget to have fun!!

"This might have been asked before but...how do I get boys to like me? I mean, I don't think I'm ugly or anything but I feel like no boy thinks I'm attractive and I kind of want a boyfriend??"

Reign: Guuuuuurl, you don't need any boy's validation on whether you're attractive or not. You ARE attractive! Don't change the way you are just because you want boys to like you, change for yourself. Be yourself and if guys don't like you for you, then they're not worth it. I'm telling you, you'll eventually find a boy that will like/love you, you just gotta talk to more guys and hopefully someone will realize how amazing and beautiful you are!! <3

Marian: I firmly believe that no one should compromise who they are, especially their physical appearance, for someone to like them; and I think you shouldn't either. If the boys around you don't find you attractive then that's their problem and you don't have to do a single thing about it except move on and continue being your beautiful self. I'm also pretty sure that when it comes to being in a relationship, it shouldn't be forced and it will just come naturally when the time is right so I suggest you just continue on with your life and one of these days, you'll meet someone and it will just click. In the meantime, don't rush or force anything! Make the most out of your days and spend them wisely.

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"My brother turns out to be ""homophobic"" because he's been molested by gay men against his will and now he's a bit iffy about gay men in general... And i want to help him but i dont know how..."

Anna: It's hard for your brother not to be on edge when he's with gay men. There's trauma now that follows him everywhere. If you sense that he's feeling down or he has this anger inside of him because something like that happened to him, just give him some air to breathe first. Then take his mind off of things. Talk about your day, ask about his, eat some good food, watch a movie together. Now, about his homophobia, again, I can't blame him. This is practically like how women feel when they get sexually assaulted and they try to avoid men as much as possible, even to the point where they just absolutely hate the gender. But he shouldn't generalize. I think it will take a lot of time and convincing before he can remove this stereotype that gay men are really thirsty. For now, I think he should learn how to stop the sexual assault. If he's in a public area, he can shout and people will start to notice the molester, thus making him nervous. If he's in work, he should report to the higher ups about this. Again, I understand why you're brother is homophobic, but I'm not saying that it's okay to be homophobic. It's just that this is reality, that homosexual men can be as predatory as any other molester. 

"Is it bad that I'm sort of addicted to Tinder? I don't actually meet up with anyone but I just resort to swiping right and left (but mostly left) whenever I have time because I'm just so bored. Is it also bad that when someone asks me what's up I have to hide the truth that oh i'm on tinder nothing much lol?"

Anna: I don't think it's bad that you're "addicted' to Tinder. You probably used the word addicted because you feel really ashamed about it, so it looks like a bigger problem than it actually is. It's not. You don't do anything harmful to anyone or yourself. I mean it's just swiping left and right and occasionally talking to people. You're only putting yourself at risk when you decide to meet up or give certain information about yourself. But all in all, Tinder is a pretty safe dating app (how you only talk to people that have mutually swiped right and how easy it is to unmatch those conversations if it becomes toxic). And it's not like you're desperate for love or whatever. It's for fun, clean fun. So don't be ashamed about it.

Ana: I don't think it's bad that you're addicted to Tinder. There's nothing bad about it. I guess as long as you're aware of internet safety and all that especially since it's strangers that are on there. You know, online stranger danger. If you're not doing anything bad, then there's nothing bad about it
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"How do I get through my summer semester without losing my mind because i'm really itching to go to places with my friends and family but i can't bc i'm stuck in school for 7 weeks?"

Anna: Well this is a tough one. I suggest just distract yourself with things you can do at home while keeping up with your studies so it doesn't seem much like torture. Go watch some movies, TV shows, bake yourself a cake, but don't forget your homework.

Reign: Set an end goal after your summer semester. Try to plan a trip at the end of the term so that it will sort of motivate you to want to get through the upcoming weeks. You can always take day trips on the weekends to somewhere outside the city that's not that far from home. But I also suggest making new friends in your classes so school won't be that boring and uneventful for you.

"Any tips on traveling with friends? Like a whole big group of friends for abroad trips?"

Anna: One thing you guys should NOT do ever in a foreign country is freak out. First, you're going to attract a lot of attention, in other words danger. Nothing spells like an easy prey for pick pockets than confused tourists. Second, don't do the plan where the responsible one has everyone's passports. The safest place to put your passports is the hotel safe. Third, don't wear backpacks because it just makes it easier for pick pockets. If you must, ask one of your friends to watch your back or put a lock on the zipper. Fourth, don't forget to have responsible fun! Fun doesn't need heavy alcohol or drugs, just good company!

Reign: Try to save money as much as you can prior to your trip! Get the best deals for plane tickets and whatnot but make sure your airline is trusted. Travel agencies can also help you book a flight and a hotel for a cheaper price! I always believe that you should try to travel in an even number. That way you can have a buddy system in case someone wants to go somewhere else other than where your group is. Be mindful of your things! Use bags that are slash-proof and complicated to open (i.e. a leather bag with a flap and a zipper). Also, don't bring all of your money everywhere. Try to budget everyday and leave the rest of your money in the safe box of the hotel, but don't forget to bring extra cash just in case. Have fun!!
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"I used to be pretty in shape and then college happened. My clothes don't even fit me right anymore :((((( I need ways to keep me motivated to keep exercising everyday. I've been trying out a few workouts on YouTube and it's been two weeks so far. I haven't seen any results. If visible results won't keep me motivated, what will? :(((("

Anna: You which Youtuber I love? Cassey Ho. You should try her workouts and she even plans which videos you should follow everyday for that certain month. The thing I learned from her is that exercise will never be enough. To completely be healthy, you have to eat right. If you're going to do an hour's worth of exercise and still finish a bucket of KFC for dinner, it ain't gonna work. As for motivation, you just have to focus. You cannot give yourself any exceptions on skipping exercise or eating unhealthy. Make yourself feel guilty that you ate that extra piece of chicken for lunch. Of course, don't push it too far that you'll stop eating eventually. The goal isn't only to get those clothes to fit again. Once you start the healthy lifestyle, you shouldn't go back on your word. Lifestyle. It's for life, dude. 

"My parents were pretty trusting of me till one day I came home drunk af. I know I shouldn't have done that but it happened and now they don't trust me anymore. How do I convince them that it was only a one time thing and it will never ever EVER happen again?" 

Anna: You cant. You really can't assure them that you'll never do it again because even you don't know that you'll never do it again. I say give it some time. During that time period, don't do anything stupid. Magpa-good shot ka. Do a lot of errands and stay home. They'll come around eventually. When they do, ask to go out to something small that least likely involves alcohol.
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"How do I get a summer fling? How does that even work? Do I meet a guy in our family vacation in a beach and then what? I need tips pleaseeeee."

Marian: I can't really give any accurate advice about this because I'm also trying to figure it out but based on what I've heard, I think you should not actively look for one. Based on other people's experiences, it seems like flings come naturally, like the person just shows up or you meet somewhere unexpectedly. But whether someone shows up or not, I strongly suggest that you don't waste away your time thinking about having a fling or being in a temporary relationship during your vacation. Enjoy your time there with your family or friends, eat good food, spend some time with yourself; you don't need someone else's company to make your vacation a memorable one anyway.

Anna: You do know those do: You do know those only exist in TV shows and Young and New Adult books right? And fanfiction? Well, if you're looking for tips on how to flirt with guys I can't exactly help you there because I have very little experience on that. You can go Google that. But what concerns me here is that I hope you're able to have a fling with a guy and not hurt anyone's feelings in the process. Also, don't force anything. If the guy has a girlfriend, stop. If the guy doesn't want to, stop. There's no need for you to sink down to that level of desperation to fulfill a goal like that.

"I came out to a friend of mine who I have been relatively close with for the past years or so. I kind of had a crush on her too at some point. Now, she's cold and distant and I don't think that's fair. I don't like her anymore and she thinks I do because I told her I wasn't straight. I tried talking to her but she just seen-zones me."

Anna: You're right in saying it's unfair. But you have to cut her some slack. It seems to me she might have noticed that you liked her before and now that you've admitted that you aren't straight, she thinks you like her again. And this time you're going to be open about it. It's a pretty shocking thing since you've known each other for years and you're relatively close. So, there are two ways to approach this and it depends on what kind of person she is. If she's the type that needs to cool down, let her cool down. Give her a few days and confront her in person. I know we live in a cyber world but talking face to face is the best way to settle things because it also proves you have the balls and determintation to confront them personally. If she's the type to jump to conclusions, GO ACT NOW. GO TO HER HOUSE AND TALK TO HER BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE HER ANYMORE AND YOU HAVE TO INFORM HER BEFORE SHE DOES SOMETHING DRASTIC. 
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Daniela: Been there, still there. I feel you. MAINIT NGA. Unfortunately, we can't control the weather. If you have the time and the ride, why don't you gather your friends or your family and head to a nearby beach? Or plan something before the summer ends and go to a farther beach, province, or maybe even out of the country, just for an adventure and to get the heat out of your mind. If you have a pool in your house or in your village, take advantage of it and go swim. It'll help.

Anna: WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINES. Anyways, to survive the heat without making your parents/grandparents mad because they don't want to use the air conditioner, here are a few tips. Loose clothing is your best friend. Ice packs are your best friends too. Take a bath a lot. Sleep. While sleeping, you can go ahead and sleep Egyptian style by covering yourself with a damp blanket (x). If the heat hasn't made you a super sloth, go make some home-made ice cream or Popsicles! 

"I tried out for an internship at this big company early this summer. It's a big company but you could still feel the passion within every employee (I asked around) and that with everything that they do it's always aligned with what they stand for. In other words, this is a company I really wanted to work with. I'm also experienced with what they specialize in. I was very confident that I would pass after submitting the requirements that I slaved over for a week. But in the end they didn't accept me. Never in my life have such polite words hurt so much. So help me please, how do I get over this rejection? I was so stoked about getting in that I told everyone I know that I applied and they all assured me that I would get in. I only told three people. How do I tell the rest that I didn't get in when they ask?"

DanielaI'm sorry you didn't get the internship. A lot of similar situations will come up in the future when you're already applying for a job. No matter how experienced and deserving you are of a certain position, some companies will turn you down for their own reasons and hey, that's perfectly okay. As cliche as it may seem: when one door closes, a lot of windows will open for you. Maybe the right company is somewhere out there and you just have to look harder. (Parang love........) As for those who assured you of getting in, well, there's nothing really to do other than to tell them the truth. If you lie about getting in, they'll find out eventually and maybe that'll cause embarrassment for you. 

Anna: First, you have to accept the fact that you didn't get in. It hurts, yeah, but no matter how much you dwell on it you won't magically get an email or letter saying that it was a mistake that they didn't accept you. They have their reasons and it's better to not try to figure out what those reasons are or else it will drive you insane. And it's perfectly alright to be rejected! After accepting the truth, go distract yourself. You have a million other things to do than be so glum about this. If you aren't so busy, surround yourself with fulfilling activities like volunteer work or cleaning your whole house. Lastly, give it some time. Time will be the ultimate remedy to this. Give yourself a few weeks or months to let this rejection settle in your system. You know you're over it when you look back at it and you'd either shrug or laugh it off. 

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"What's the best way to save money???? I know I have to start saving but every time I go out I always end up buying something god how do I stop this? Everything just seems so necessary and cute and I'm running out of money because of this!! Help!!!!"

Anna: If you're really serious about saving money, I suggest muting or even unfollowing all those clothing shops you follow on your social media platforms because it just makes the situation harder for you. Then, get creative. Give your wallet to your sibling or someone you trust and make sure they won't give it back unless you really need it. Keep it in a piggy bank, including the bills, so that you can only retrieve it by smashing the bank into thousands of little piggy pieces. Make a vice jar. Pick one of your bad habits and put a certain amount of money, it has to hurt, whenever you commit the act. It's a great way to save money and stop your vices.

Reign: You just got to control your impulse buying urges. You have to ask yourself, "Do I really need this in the long run?". What I do is whenever I get my allowance, I usually put 60% of it in my savings and the rest for everyday purchases. But if you really want to buy something a bit expensive, I think you should look for cheaper alternatives before you do. I think it's also good to have a long-term goal in terms of where your money will go in the future, like, are you saving for a trip somewhere or are you saving for college? Having motivation would usually make you spend less.

"How can I earn money this summer? I'm saving up for something big but since I won't be receiving any allowance for the next 2 months I figured I can just find another way to earn money. Do you guys have any suggestions?"

Anna: Sell your clothes online or go to your local thrift shop. Sell your stuff. But don't get carried away, alright? You can ask your parents for a job. Ask your grandparents. Usually it's just doing chores around the house and that ain't so bad. If you're artistic, you can do commissions online.

Reign: What Anna said, you can sell stuff online but the thing is there's no guarantee the things you'll sell will actually be bought. I suggest selling on OLX or Instagram because that's where most people look for things to buy. This is a long shot but it might work, you could come to an agreement with your parents that every single day they'll give you 20 pesos or 50 pesos just so you can have a little bit of allowance during the summer. 
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"Unlike most of my friends, I still have at least 2 months of school left and it really sucks to see everyone going out and doing fun things while I'm still struggling through the semester and it's just really sad - not to mention it's not motivating at all and I'm worried my projects and other schoolwork are gonna suffer because of that. How can I motivate myself through the last weeks of the semester? How can I survive it without getting more sad about my situation??"

Daniela: First, always put it this way: only approximately two months to go before I'm free!!! It may seem like a long time from now, but try to look at it at a different angle and consider how with each day passing by, you're closer to your summer break. You've survived almost 7 months of school, what is two more months, right? It's just a little bit of work left until you  have another 2-3 months of doing whatever you want. 

Anna: You know what helps when surviving these types of things? A countdown. Just count the days and remind yourself that two months isn't that long! Another way is to get focused. Your motivation isn't just to pass or get out of school. Your motivation is to get a good grade so you can say all that suffering didn't go to waste. Drink some coffee and crack a book open! Get study-centered, but also don't forget to socialize once in a while. 

"I was suppose to join a school trip out of the country and I already paid most of the fees (except for the ticket) and I just found out that there are some problems regarding my visa and I know it's not my fault but I just feel really guilty because it's an expensive trip and I feel like my money just went to waste and I also feel sad because wow I just missed an amazing opportunity how do I cope with these feelings? What can I do now?"

Daniela: Well, that's that. Try to see if those fees are still refundable, if not, then I'm sorry, it's just not meant to be. Maybe it's sign that it's not yet the time for this. As for the fees, it's just money. Don't worry too much about it. Who knows? Maybe there's a list of better opportunities out there that will be coming your way. 

Anna: You can't reverse what just had happen so there's no use in feeling sad about it. Well, give yourself an amount of time to mourn, like let's say three days or less. After three days, slap yourself on the face and get out of that funk. If you feel really guilty about losing the money, find ways to pay it back like selling your clothes online. About missing a great opportunity, understand that there will always be another school trip and you could always go to wherever you were supposed to go another time. What you can do now is make sure that this won't happen again because nothing is more like a slap across the face than a repeated mistake.
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"I have a big crush on this famous boy from this famous boy band and idk I wanna fangirl about him but then I'm shy because I'm afraid my friends who have been fans for a longer time might roll their eyes and call me fake fan and idk it's really bothering me?"

Anna: Screw your friends. They should be helping you get into that guy even more and share all their info about him. You might never know their reaction till you actually come out with it. Keeping all those feels inside won't help you man. Let it out to your friends and if they treat you any different, they are the ones who are wrong. Tell them that.

Marian: Fandoms are something you share with other people and if your friends get all possessive or something then that's not your problem anymore. There's seriously nothing wrong if you just started liking something (like an artist) 4 years ago or 4 months ago, what matters is that you enjoy it as much as the next person and if your friends don't like that then I guess it's time to analyze why they're your friends if they get worked up over something like that.

"I've been in a fandom for like 3 years now and I really wanna get out but I'm having a hard time. It's like every time I try to ignore things about them and focus on more important things, something new comes up and then boom my heart explodes again and next thing I know I've been sucked back. I really wanna get out but is it even possible to get out?"

Anna: If you have unfollowed all their fan pages and they just really are that big so much so they dominate most of social media, it's time to reflect on how much you really want out. Because in all honesty, I can think of only one solution which is to turn off your social media and just return to life before them. Only check facebook or twitter if something super important non-fandom related thing happens. While you're on hibernation, go binge watch or read to ease your wait. The feels will die out sooner or later and you will become desensitized.
Marian: I agree with what Anna said! Start by unfollowing all the fan pages and you'll be surprised by how much that will change your feed and timeline. It won't go away immediately, but I can assure you that once you start occupying yourself with other things like school or other extra-curricular activities, you won't even notice that you don't think about the fandom anymore. Again, it's also up to you; if you really want to change your priorities, you have to fight all kinds of temptations and focus on something else. It will all go away eventually.

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"Graduation is right around the corner and I can feel that 4 month summer as if it's just at the tip of my fingertips and there are so many things I want to do but I don't know where to start! I want to clean my room and watch a lot of movies and go out with friends and sleep and eat and just do all of the things I wasn't able to do during the school year!! What would you guys suggest is the best battle plan for all of my plans?? Where should I start??"
Ana: Make a list and prioritize! Want to get rid of any reminder of school for the next four month? Then get rid of all those papers you used throughout the school year and fix up your desk. Or if getting started on those movies or TV shows you've been missing is a top priority for you, then go crazy with the marathons! But please, don't lock yourself up in your room all week. It all depends on you! You've got four months to go crazy doing whatever you want (nothing illegal, I hope) and spent that time wisely! It's not every year you get to enjoy a four month summer vacation.

"We have one week of school left and I couldn't be bothered to finish all of the remaining projects and homework left but I have to and I still have those pesky finals coming up I need motivation please help."