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David Robert Jones, most notably known as David Bowie, was born on January 8, 1947 in Brixton, South London. Bowie started showing interest in music at a young age. By 13, he started learning the saxophone. His older brother Terry, who influenced him to take notice of rock and roll, was cited as an important character to this burgeoning interest.
Bowie’s rise to fame was never a steady, straightforward ride. It took years of him experimenting life paths, those of which include him working with other bands, leading his own,  living in a Buddhist monastery, and starting a Mime Troupe.
1969 marked a wonderful year for the singer, as he earned his first hit: “Space Oddity”. As inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, Space Oddity was a hit especially since it was used by BBC’s coverage of the Apollo 11 landing. While Ziggy Stardust was one of Bowie’s first few ventures into his tendency to create wonderful characters, he has taken on other roles that have garnered him the title of a “chameleon”.

​Aladdin Sane 

​A play on the phrase “ A lad insane”, Aladdin Sane is essentially, you could say, a mature version of Ziggy Stardust. Aladdin Sane’s portrait is arguably Bowie’s most well-known character as many modern artworks that take inspiration on Bowie often portray the musician in this light. Even Lady Gaga has.

​Jean Genie

​Bowie in 1972: You could still somehow get a grasp of ZIggy Stardust, yet it isn’t as fantastical as the aforementioned. Bowie seems to be reaching out to earth already, although still not quite completely. 

​Jareth the Goblin King

Bowie’s kick into the 80s: we see Jean Genie in Magic Dance. The video is just really about goblins, and there’s a cute cameo of a baby. Oddly enough, this character reminds me a lot of Captain Hook from Peter Pan. Watch the video see for yourself.
Text By: ✿ Bea Ticsay 
Illustration by: Trisha Carpena

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<![CDATA[Belt Out!]]>Mon, 09 Nov 2015 11:19:31 GMThttp://www.reinventmag.com/music/belt-out
​One criterion of a good song is if you feel the need to yell out the lyrics as loud as you can. You're gonna get your throat some exercise singing along to this playlist. You might wanna say sorry to your neighbors when you're done, though.
- Ynna Vistan
​illustration by Sean Eidder
<![CDATA[bright balaclavas]]>Fri, 06 Nov 2015 12:29:21 GMThttp://www.reinventmag.com/music/bright-balaclavas     Equipped with their brightly colored outfits, Pussy Riot has entered the punk scene grabbing immediate attention from the media. Based in Moscow and founded in 2011, the female group takes on LGBT rights, Feminism and their resistance to the Russian President, into songs 
     Usually in discovering new music, I start out by listening to a single from the band. But, it was the complete opposite with this musical group. Upon searching them on google, I practically read the whole Wikipedia page about them (and I suggest you do because they’re very interesting), before actually listening to their music.
     To be completely honest, their music isn’t my cup of tea. I’m not really in favor of punk music, or songs that are in a different language. But then again, music is art, and art is subjective, so you should still give them a listen.
     The accompanying music videos are interesting as well. Their song ‘Putin will teach you how to love’, shows footages of them walking around with the media, and getting caught by the police.
     ​I may not be a fan of their music, but am totally a fan of their guts and strength in protesting in what they believe in, through the use of music.

- Alexandra Chua
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            Rap music is more than its fast-flowing style and “in your face” impact on people. It’s more than busting rhymes about butts and getting turnt at the club, contrary to the contemporary pieces that we’re exposed to on a regular basis. It is power exerted through words – the freedom of speech. What was once popular to only a subculture of people has now widespread throughout different kinds of people, different kinds of cultures, all telling different kinds of stories.

            It has reached us here in our homeland, the Philippines, through Western influence and popular pioneers of the local hip-hop genre such as the late Francis Magalona and Andrew Espiritu. Big player Francis M wrote music about the pressing social issues of their time, and to our misfortune, these social issues are still the same ones our generation faces today. Colonial mentality? Drug addiction? Political instability? Francis M stayed WOKE. With all the Halalan 2016 hullabaloo, tanim-bala commotion  and whatnot going around, I think we’re lucky to have the influence of artists who are socially and politically conscious.

Gloc-9 performing at MTV Music Evolution 2015
       One particular artist that caught my attention is Gloc-9, Rizal-born rapper by the name of Aristotle Pollisco.  He’s been making music since the 90’s, and much like Francis M, the rapper who influenced him, speaks of social issues. Hip-hop legend has called Gloc-9 “a blacksmith of words and letters, a true Filipino poet,” which he is indeed. I’m not all too familiar with his music, but based on articles and lyrics I could get my hands on, this rapper strays away from what is mainstream in our society – in a brilliant way. All the “toilet humor,” typical love stories, and shallow novelty mixed media the masses consume and patronize aren’t his concern at all. We Filipinos are naturally fun-loving people, but we kind of use humor and happiness maybe a little too much, don’t you think? We use jokes and don’t take things that matter seriously to the point that we use it to cover up even the growing social cancers in our society and in ourselves.

            He has songs like “Sirena” that put the homosexual community at the forefront, recognizing their struggle for acceptance within their families and societies in a very Christian country such as ours. “Dapat Tama” is a relevant song for the upcoming elections as it speaks about the fate of our own welfare as one that’s in our hands, and our power as a people is being aware of the rut that government corruption keeps us in.
“Ilang beses nangako, ilang beses napako
‘Bat di natin subukan at tulungan at umako
Bumahagi sa bigat na matagal na nating pasan
Pag tayo’y nagsama-sama lahat ay malalampasan
May mas maayos na bukas para sating mga anak
Ang unang hakbang ay piliin ang tamang nakatatak
Na pangalan sa balota wag na tayong magpauto
Na satin ang kapangyarihan pag tayo ang kumibo”

            Gloc-9 has conveyed so many meaningful messages through his songs. I could only mention a few, but all his work truly reflects that he’s gone beyond the “rapper” stigma. He tells the relevant stories – the ones that we should keep in mind. Our mother tongue is so beautiful and the way he crafts these words into powerful messages only adds to its beauty. Deep down, we have a beautiful voice, and artists like Gloc-9 are here to make that voice louder.
            Do yourself a favor, citizen, stay awake and have a daily dose of Gloc-9.

- Nikki Alarilla

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<![CDATA[MY KPOP PHASE]]>Fri, 30 Oct 2015 11:50:13 GMThttp://www.reinventmag.com/music/my-kpop-phase     Where do I even begin? Yes, I like K-pop. Actually, no. Scratch that. I love K-pop.

    Before this happened, I wasn’t technically unaware of the genre. My earliest memory of hearing a K-pop song was back in 2009 when the Wonder Girls released “Nobody” and it became a huge song in the Philippines. In that same timeframe, the genre started to spread even more as groups like Super Junior and 2NE1 rose to fame in the country. Back then, I couldn’t care less about this trend. It seemed so weird to me how so many Filipinos actually like K-pop to the point of becoming totally addicted so I didn’t understand it for a long time. But hey, look who’s talking now.

    This obsession sort of hit me by surprise. I never thought I’d get into the crazy world of Korean pop music and actually enjoy it. Even the people who know me so well were caught off guard when they found out I got into this genre so much that this is what my life revolves around these days. And honestly, I’m only getting more and more obsessed everyday. 
     I don’t want to delve into this deeply since I still don’t have full knowledge about a lot of  K-pop groups as well as K-pop as an industry. But I guess I want to talk about some things I’ve realized as I’m becoming more of a fan and hopefully, I could shed light on some preconceived notions by non-Kpop fans. 

JYP Entertainment's group GOT7 who has members from Thailand, Hong Kong, and the United States

    When you ask a question along the lines of “How can you even tell the difference between each member?”, I feel like it’s kind of saying you think most if not all Asians look alike. Which is obviously false. If you look closely, they all look different. They might dress the same, but they don’t look the same. I guess some people find it hard to differentiate members because each idol is made to fit a certain image with regards to the concept the group is carrying. So for example the group has a cute concept, then the members are groomed and styled to fit that kind of look. Hence, the “cheerleader effect” except everyone is actually really good looking. (And you’d be surprised that not all members in a K-pop group are Korean).

    I don’t know how to speak or understand Korean obviously, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the songs I listen to. K-pop for me is a different kind of entertainment. I don’t feel the need to have lyric translations or whatnot because I’m already amused by the melodies and dances. Not everything has to be deeply perceived for it to be likable. Of course, you could always look up translations of songs but sometimes it’s really not that necessary. Sometimes songs have english versions but I personally find the Korean ones better for some odd reason. ​​
YG Entertainment's artists (BIGBANG, 2NE1, Psy, etc.)

    K-pop receives quite a few bad criticisms for having groups belong under entertainment companies. So there’s this mindset that everyone is being heavily controlled and that they’re not authentic. This isn’t entirely true, and what I mean is that yes, the company has a big say on the overall image and work schedule of idols/groups but that doesn’t mean they don’t get the chance to truly express themselves. A lot of idols write their own music and choreograph their own dances. Also, they way I understand this is that this is really how the music industry is like in Korea; almost all artists are under companies and a lot of people are actually aspiring to become part of them. So yeah, it’s not all that bad. The only problem is with how the companies treat their talent (*cough* SM Entertainment *cough*)

    Crazy fans or what they call sasaeng fans are some of the craziest and unbelievable people on earth. They go to different lengths just to feel close to their favorite idols and sometimes they even break the law to do so. For example, one sasaeng fan decided to break in to EXO’s dormitory and steal one of the members’ underwear. Another one slapped the face of her favorite idol just so their interaction could be memorable. There are a lot of other cases like these and it’s pretty scary to think that this is what K-pop does to them. Just try Googling ‘sasaeng fans’ and you’ll find a list of all the creepy stuff they do. Sure, I get that you really love your idols, but there’s still the need to understand and to respect their privacy. This goes for all idols all over the world for that matter. I know it’s hard to get noticed especially when there are millions of other fans, but please, let’s be chill okay?


    From my experience, there are still a lot of people who don’t fully understand the whole K-pop craze. They tend to think it’s weird and silly for you to like something you don’t completely understand and I guess I know where they’re coming from since I was one of them. But this unfortunately creates a bad notion that K-pop is for the “weirdos” that don’t fit in within the mainstream pop culture a.k.a. Western music and whatnot. And because of that, I kind of feel slightly shy whenever I’m asked about it. There’s a bit of hesitation whenever I tell someone and it’s sad that I’m in a way ashamed of something that I love. Although I’m slowly starting to be proud of it and I guess through this article I’m letting a lot of you know that yes, I am a K-pop fan so deal with it. 

    Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t deny that K-pop is such a huge global industry and it will only continue to expand all over the world in the future. So many new groups and artists debut every year breaking into different genres that you’re bound to like at least one if you try to listen to them. Don’t be afraid to embrace the K-pop culture. You just have to be open minded about it and soon enough, you may find yourself to be one of us. 

- Reign Gonzales
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<![CDATA[October Music Favorites]]>Mon, 26 Oct 2015 12:46:06 GMThttp://www.reinventmag.com/music/october-music-favorites     I’ve always been obsessed with music whether it’s in the form of live concerts or collecting albums. But recently, I’ve been even more into discovering and binging on really good albums and singles. Some are considerably popular while some aren’t very new but all of them are very interesting and distinct from each other. These songs have expanded and added more diversity into my iTunes library while making me more interested and open-minded about music. And I think that’s why I’ve been so fixated on collecting new songs, aside from the fact that they’re all so LSS worthy. Aside from discovering new artists and songs I don’t usually go for, I’m also currently obsessed with making mixtapes for my friends for their birthdays or just because some songs are just too good not to share.
    2015 has been such a good year for music, I mean Justin Bieber’s singles alone have been impressive and I won’t even be able to list down all the great albums that were released or are about to be released this year. I do however want to share a few albums and songs that I can’t stop listening to in hopes that you may find your new favorite tune! Enjoy!

albums on repeat:


​Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion

            If you want to listen to a really great 80s inspired pop album, then put down Taylor Swift’s 1989 and get ready to fall in love with Carly Rae Jepsen. If there’s one thing I learned after listening to Emotion non-stop, it’s that Carly Rae is incredibly underrated and so is this album.
 Favorites: Gimmie Love, Emotion, Let’s Get Lost

Halsey’s Badlands

            Even though I was a bit disappointed with Halsey’s debut album, I just can’t seem to stop listening (and singing along) to it.  It had elements from her Room 93 EP but she was still able to make it an infectious and compelling album. If you’re not yet a fan of Halsey, then this concept album will change that.
Favorites: Roman Holiday, Coming Down, and Haunting

Smallpool’s Lovetap

            I’m aware that this may not be a relatively new release but I couldn’t not add it to the list because of its potential to be the next go-to album to dance and sing along to in the shower. Lovetap is full of hits and misses but the good songs are too catchy and addictive that they outweigh the bad ones.
​Favorites: Over and Over, Street Fight, Dreaming

​Beach Weather’s What A Drag EP

            ​If you were a fan of Nick Santino and A Rocket to the Moon, then prepare yourself for a more rock & roll vibe with this EP. The former ARTTM front man finally has a new band and it’s completely different from his old one. This EP is the only music they’ve released and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us because so far, it’s so good.
Favorites: Swoon and New Skin

​Troye Sivan’s Wild EP

       I’m going to be honest, I never really understood all the hype behind Troye Sivan until I heard this EP’s lead single on the radio. And after listening to the whole EP, I can now see why everyone’s in love with this boy and his voice. Bonus points for featuring Broods (another one of my new favorite artists) on Ease!
Favorites: Ease and Fools

songs on repeat:

     How about you? Comment what album or song you’re currently obsessed with down below!

- Victoria Urrutia
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     When you put a soulful solo artist and a powerful indie rock frontman together, you get the perfect mixture of musical ingenuity! Last year, Austin Gibbs and Brennan Smiley [of The Technicolors] joined forces to form a brand new duo called The Bambinos and released their first ever single, “The Power” via 8123 Management. Long time fans of Austin Gibbs, The Technicolors, and even the whole of 8123, were pretty excited with this new collaboration of brilliant artists. And so by the summer of this year, The Bambinos finally released a self-titled EP containing five tracks that you won’t get enough of. 
     The Bambinos EP has quite a different sound compared to the genres these two artists are known for in their individual works, but because they blended their musicalities together so well, they created such melodious and refreshing songs that would get you into a really good mood. Their song “Barcelona Fantasy” is probably the most fun out of all the tracks with its catchy rhythm; and it does somehow give off a Spanish flare to it as the title would suggest. Of course, the rest of the songs are as good as the aforementioned with each carrying a distinct sound. Even though individually these songs have a different mood to them, they all seem to work together and fit perfectly on the record. 

     Surely, this isn’t the last of The Bambinos so we’re very excited to hear more from them very soon and hopefully, they grow to become really huge artists in the future! 

 Buy The Bambinos EP on iTunes

- Reign Gonzales
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<![CDATA[PLAYLIST: THIS IS OURS]]>Mon, 14 Sep 2015 11:16:55 GMThttp://www.reinventmag.com/music/playlist-this-is-oursHere in Reinvent, we believe love comes in all shapes, sizes and forms.
A playlist that celebrates love that isn't gender-specific is here.
- Ynna Vistan
collage done by Sean Eidder
<![CDATA[TWENTY ONE PILOTS]]>Fri, 04 Sep 2015 13:23:06 GMThttp://www.reinventmag.com/music/twenty-one-pilots
Live in Manila | July 18, 2015
     I’ve known Twenty One Pilots for almost a year now but never really bothered to listen to their music until about 6 months ago. Being familiar with the name for so long but not actually knowing who or what the band was, I was surprised to find out how different they were from my preconceived notions after listening to them for the first time. If you’re not a fan but you’ve heard a Twenty One Pilots song before, I’m going to clear two things up that people are most likely to question: yes, they’re a band with only two members. And no, there isn’t a genre in which you can classify their music into.  

       The duo hailing from Columbus, Ohio actually started out as a trio in 2009 without their current drummer, Josh Dun. Nick Thomas and Chris Salih left in 2011, which is the same year Josh joined Tyler Joseph. They released their self-titled as a trio in 2009 and Regional at Best in 2011 before signing on to Fueled by Ramen. They then
released Vessel in 2013, which helped them break through mainstream music and Blurryface in 2015 which cemented their status in the alternative music scene

         As a band, Tyler and Josh not only create great songs, they also try to inspire and push people to think. Their lyrics, band logo, and even their own moniker provoke critical thinking. (You can read the explanation behind their band logo here and their name here) And although they have a strong faith and their beliefs influence their music, they try to never come across as preachy as said by Tyler, “It's never been Josh & I's goal to stand up on a stage with a microphone and tell people what to believe.” 

         Everything about the band, from their albums to their live performances, is unique and interesting. Some joke around that they’re “ukulele rap screamo,” although it isn’t actually too far off from what their music is. To further explain their sound, I would say it’s like nothing else and everything at the same time; Twenty One Pilots are Twenty One Pilots and no one else. They’re the only ones I know who are able to pull off the fusion of 2 or 3 genres in one song (e.g. Ode to Sleep) or the lack of genre coherence in an album (e.g. Blurryface) Their lyrics are not only honest and smart, they’re also very self aware  (“this song will never be on the radio” and “honest, there’s a few songs on this record that feel common”) which is refreshing.
         As for their concerts, don't be fooled by their sweet and goofy personalities because they become serious musicians when they step on stage. What they lack in members, they make up for in stage presence and talent. Even though they only have drums and a piano set up (with the occasional trumpet, tambourine, bass, and ukulele,) they’re always able to put on a show full of energy and passion. Tyler admits that they wonder if they can put on enough of a show with just two people and so they make sure to do things that are memorable and different from other bands such as drumming on top of the crowd, jumping from pianos, climbing scaffoldings, and wearing different kinds of masks (which represent their different personas.)

         Despite now being signed to a record label, they’re still able to uphold their musical integrity and originality. They’re always true to themselves whether it’s through thought provoking lyrics such as “these questions, they’re for real/ like who would you live for/ who would you die for/ and would you ever kill?” and “there's faith and there's sleep/ we need to pick one please because/ faith is to be awake/ and to be awake is for us to think/ and for us to think is to be alive” or their unorthodox antics. And that alone is a reason to be a fan.

Stay street and stay alive.

                            Listen to their discography on Spotify | Visit their Official Website

- Victoria Urrutia
Photos by Bett Manacop
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<![CDATA[M2M: REMEMBERING THE AWESOME GIRL DUO]]>Wed, 02 Sep 2015 12:43:34 GMThttp://www.reinventmag.com/music/m2m-remembering-the-awesome-girl-duo
As a kid, my jams were ones I would constantly hear on television or on the radio. These included the ever-classic ‘Heaven’ by Bryan Adams, the whole discography of S Club 7, and of course, hits from my main girl, Britney Spears. I’ve always loved catchy pop songs that would constantly get stuck in my head. Even until now, these songs give me so much nostalgia whenever my brain suddenly decides to randomly play it. It brings me back to my childhood when I would dance alone in my room pretending to be a pop star myself. And since this month we’re talking about things in pairs, it’s the perfect time for me to reminisce and talk about the brilliance of the best girl duo of my childhood, M2M.

Please tell me you have heard of them because it seems like no one I know can’t remember who they are (maybe it’s just because we’re getting really old)!! Well if not, let me give you a little background:

Just to get this out of the way, M2M was the ultimate duo for a hopeless romantic girl like me in the early 2000’s. They understood what it felt like to crush on a pretty boy who won’t notice you and what it felt like to finally get the pretty boy but suddenly lose him because of something stupid you did. They’re songs are basically #relatable with a hint of #hugot. Plus, who wouldn’t get hooked by their sweet voices and catchy tunes, right?
Marion Raven and Marit Larsen
A lot of people may not be aware that this duo hails from Lorenskog, Norway and was only active for about three years. M2M disbanded shortly after releasing their second album entitled, The Big Room because of “disappointing record sales” as their Wikipedia page suggests. So yeah, after that they went their separate ways and had solo careers in two different genres. But let’s not dwell too much on M2M not existing anymore…

Pretty Boy was my karaoke jam. Even on normal days as a kid, I would plug in the Magic Sing! and sing it from the top of my lungs. I didn’t really have someone in mind while singing this tune, but who cares when you’re killing this sick ballad in your pink-walled bedroom filled with Tiger Beat and J-14 posters?! 
Another great hit was The Day You Went Away. If you’re feeling extra emo or heartbroken on a rainy night, this is the perfect song to really feel like you're in a sad, dramatic music video. This is absolutely the best song that can get stuck in you head because it never gets old and aside from Mirror Mirror, it's one of their catchiest songs ever. 
Although these girls might not reunite ever again to give us more addicting songs, they left us with such iconic ones that will forever be remembered and immortalized. Even writing about them at the age of 18 gives me such a happy throwback to my childhood, and if only you can see how wide my smile while writing this down. 

So there you go, I hope I brought back your memories of this amazing duo and if there aren't any to begin with, it's never too late to start listening to them! You can find their songs on YouTube or Spotify.

- Reign Gonzales
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